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How To Pay
For Your Tour

Payment Methods

We accept multiple methods of payment for booking deposits and balance payments. Your invoice will have the account information required to make the payment.

Pay by bank transfer (U.S domestic)

Pay via online ACH transfer directly from your bank’s portal to our bank account using our email address. If your bank supports Zelle bank-to-bank transfers, you can send your payment at no charge to OpenWinds, LLC at the email address: All major U.S banks support Zelle. Transfers have no fees but may be limited to $2500 per day, so you can spread your payment over consecutive days.

Pay by wire transfer (International and U.S domestic)

Payment in USD can be made via wire transfer to our U.S bank account. To initiate the wire transfer, please call or visit your bank or a forex company. Please be sure the transfer includes a reference to your name, tour name, and/or invoice number. Email the receipt or confirmation with the wire transfer reference number to

Pay in person or by check (U.S domestic)

Visit a Bank of America branch located near you and present the invoice to the Teller with instructions to deposit your check into our account. Make personal or bank checks payable to OpenWinds, LLC. Please do not mail any checks to our office. Any checks received by mail will not be processed and may cause delays in the booking process.

Pay in Indian Rupees (INR)

Visit your nearest bank branch in India or log in to your bank account's online banking portal. Fill out the required remittance form for an international funds transfer, adding our U.S. bank account details as a beneficiary. Submit a remittance request for the invoiced amount in USD. Make sure to mention your invoice number in the payment description or reference field. For your convenience, the bank will determine the INR equivalent for the USD remittance based on the prevailing exchange rate at the time of the transfer.

Once the remittance request is processed, the bank will provide you with a transaction receipt or confirmation. Email a copy of the receipt or confirmation to Please note that any bank fees related to the wire transfer, as well as taxes/TCS in accordance with Indian government regulations, are the customer's responsibility. 

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