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OpenWinds offers in-destination tours in the U.S that are designed exclusively for the Indian community. We know that Indians have travel needs that are more nuanced than that of most cultures of the world. Whether it is the premium we place on getting the most value for our money or the security of traveling with our fellow countrymen or having access to Indian cuisine while exploring other countries, we have been through it all ourselves. ​We are passionate about helping culturally inquisitive Indians explore the United States without compromising their travel sensibilities. Providing our customers with superior value and ensuring customer satisfaction is the heart and soul of our company. 


Enjoy our weekly group tours in USA featuring popular 7-day itineraries with all-Indian groups, Indian tour manager, Indian dinners, guided sightseeing and superior hotel accommodation.

Enjoy our small group tours in USA featuring popular itineraries with all-Indian groups of up to 11 guests, guided sightseeing in luxury van and superior accommodation.

Enjoy a private tour of the U.S with your own group. Choose from our popular 4-day tours and pick a date that works for you. We use only verified providers, so you can be assured of excellent service throughout your vacation.


“Tour was fantastic! You guys are amazing. It was organized with such perfection that I am super impressed.”

Ashwin Kayyoor, California


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